“I’ve had an orgonite item for 1 month now and the positive energy that attracts is amazing. I meditate often and it has enhanced everything I normally feel. I recommend this to anyone looking for positive energy and a sense of protection from emf waves in the air.  I strongly recommend you trying this for yourself to see its positive benefits”


The following Orgonite products are put together using the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich with Orgone. In 1992, Karl Hans Welz invented Orgonite®, a new orgone accumulating material. Orgonite®, which is more effective than the past combinations, usually uses layers of steel wool and fiber glass or celotex.


 Ultimate Orgonite Guide

Review Rating
Highest 5 Star

Orgonite4Health EMF Protection Quartz & Copper Mini-Helix
2 x 2 x 2 inches ; 4 ounces

Pendant Orgone- EMF protection - Orgone healing energy
1.6 x 1.6 x 0.5 inches

Orgone Energy Pendant - Large Silver Oval Blue with Lapis Lazuli

Pyramid Orgone - EMf protection - Healing energy - Medium
2.8 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches

Orgone Energy Necklace - Double Sided Pendant - Turquoise & Leather - Unisex Necklace - Mens Necklace - Artisan Jewelry
Diameter: 23 millimeters
Length: 21 inches

Big Orgone Energy Pyramid, Giza, Quartz, Red Agate, Gold
5.9 x 5.9 x 5.1 inches ; 2.2 pounds

Orgone Energy Pendant - Large Silver Heart Red with Garnet
18 inches
Material:silver plate,resin,garnet gemstone chips,copper wire,sterling silver,leather

Orgonite4Health EMF Protection Starfish
Starfish Design
1.9 x 1.9 x 0.7 inches ; 1.4 ounces

Orgonite4Health EMF Protection Cube
Cube Design
1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches ; 4.5 ounces

Orgone Heart Pendants. The Love Story
0.8 x 1.1 x 0.8 inches
-- (only one)$

Orgone Energy Pendant - Large Silver Oval Red with Garnet
18 inches

Orgonite4Health EMF Protection Heart
Heart Design
1.6 x 1.7 x 0.7 inches ; 1.6 ounces

Orgone Pyramid - HHG - Tigerseye - Pink Lemurian Seed Crystal Matrix!
3.5" each side x 3" height

Orgonite4Health EMF Protection Quartz & Copper Duckie
Duck Design
1.8 x 7 x 1.6 inches ; 1.8 ounces

Orgonite4Health EMF Protection Diamond-Square Keychain
1.2 x 0.4 x 1.2 inches ; 1.3 ounces

Orgonite4Health EMF Protection Magnum Peace Sign
Peace Sign
4.4 pounds

Orgone Energy Pendant - Large Antiqued Copper Oval Blue with Lapis Lazuli
Pendant-No reviews$$




Benefits of Orgonite



Clears and purifies the atmosphere
Transmutes negative energy into positive energy
Simple to make and works constantly
Detoxifies water
Activates plants to grow better, repel pests & require less water
Reduces harmful effects of EMF radiation
Disarms and repels predatory forms of life
Creates a good demeanor and more balanced, joyful moods
Remedies insomnia
Activates  innate psychic abilities
Ends drought




How Orgonite provides your own personal protection against EMF and Microwave signals



Orgonite’s usefulness is vast and varied.  Orgonite blocks harmful effects from:  microwave signals , EMF, refrigerators, cell phone towers, and cell phones. It will protect you and your surroundings from computer monitor output and other electrical appliances. Orgonite works by attracting all energies, both good and bad, and transmutes  them into positive energies creating a calm and clear atmosphere. 

You can wear an orgonite pendent or have am orgonite pyramid or any of the unique designs made with orgonite reap the benefits and reward.



How Orgonite Blocks Harmful Effects



The “magic” transmutation happens through a special matrix of resin and alternating layers of metal and organic content. In short, energy travels up the copper coil, passing through semi-precious stones and minerals then exits  though a double terminated crystal.






  This product works, makes you feel relaxed and at ease. It also balances the body helping it to heal. I bought a few for the family already



The following Orgonite products are put together using the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich with Orgone. In 1992, Karl Hans Welz invented Orgonite®, a new orgone accumulating material. Orgonite®, which is more effective than the past combinations, usually uses layers of steel wool and fiber glass or celotex.


About Orgonite




In the 1930′s and 1940′s, a man named Dr. Wilhelm Reich found a way to detect and measure “life energy”, often know as chi, prana, qi etc. which he coined orgone, by using a modified geiger counter. Dr. Reich found that by stacking alternating layers of fiberglass, an organic substance, and steel wool, an inorganic substance, it would  attract and collect orgone (etheric) energy of both the life-beneficial positive form ,which Dr. Reich called “or” or “por” and harmful negative etheric energy he called “deadly orgone” or “dor”. He then constructed large boxes called orgone accumulators using this basic layering procedure and was able to successfully heal his patients of all kind of ailments, including various forms of cancer, by having them sit inside the box for periods of time. In the year 1986, scientists in Germany published the results of a blind study1 which showed that 30-minute orgone accumulator treatments caused consistent, positive psycho-physiological effects not seen with the all-fiberglass box used for a control, stating that:

 ”the results received in our investigation furnish evidence for the assumption that the physical properties of the orgone accumulator and its psychophysiological efficacy on human organisms, postulated by Reich and his associates, factually exist.”





Reich’s work was continued in the 1960′s by Russian scientists and who’s Reich-inspired work led to the unfortunate development of practical Soviet military defense applications which utilized principles of so-called “torsion” (etheric energy). The Russain scientist’s work, which indeed confirms both Reich’s research and the empirical experiences with orgonite, was classified until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Taking Reich’s lead, many Ph.D. level researchers and scientists  from all over the world, over many generations have advanced Reich’s work, slowly forcing mainstream Western science to finally reconize the concept of a universal, unseen energy medium often called “dark matter,” “vacuum flux” or “zero-point energy“. It is commonly understood among orgonite enthusiasts that these are all essentially describing the same thing, which Reich called “orgone.

 Orgonite Evolution

Dr. Reich built his research lab, called Orgonon, in rural Maine, in the  US.  This location was very isolated from sources of “deadly orgone,” which his accumulators would collect indiscriminately.  Operating an orgone accumulator near sources of DOR (such as nuclear power plants, radio towers, etc.) has the potential of harming anyone receiving treatment inside it, so geographical location was and is an important factor for orgone accumulator operation. In the year 2000,  Don and Carol Kroft found that through research on-line and through their own experimentation and observation that mixing catalyzed organic fiberglass resin with inorganic metal shavings, poured into small molds such as paper cups and muffin pans, would produce a substance which would attract etheric energy similarly to Reich’s accumulators.   Carol Croft  then ended up adding small quartz crystals to the mixture because of the crystal’s  ability to efficiently collect, transmute and emit etheric energy. This coupled with the resin/metal matrix creates a substance which functions as a

“..self-driven, continuously-operating, highly efficient DORPOR (negative to positive) energy transmutation factory.”

When orgonite is within range of a source of DOR/negative energy, it will efficiently and continuously transform it into POR/positive energy.  This, in turn,  creates positive energy transmitters out of all emitters of harmful negative energy, which have no defense against the effect. It is thought that what causes the orgonite to operate so effectively as a positive energy generator is that the resin in the orgonite shrinks during the curing process, permanently squeezing the quartz crystal inside. This activity produces a well-known pizoelectric effect inside the crystal.  This basically  means its end points become polarized electrically. Orgonite is a differentiates itself over Reich’s early work with orgone accumulators, because Reich’s “oracs” attract deadly orgone energy as well as positive and do nothing to transform it into a purely beneficial form, which orgonite does inherently and continuously. Don Kroft began publishing reports of his and his wife’s experiences.  Some of these reports talked about the tactical deployment of small pieces of orgonite near any and all sources of DOR, or life-negative energy, such as cellphone towers, nuclear power plants, underground bases and natural Earth energy gridlines and vortices.

Don included in his reports the specific life-positive, cleansing, healing, confirming effects they would notice following such “gifting” activities, causing Don to strongly encourage his readers to replicate his efforts in their own communities.

The “Gifting”  Phenomenon




orgonite“Gifting” is:  the act of throwing or burying a piece of orgonite near a source of DOR (such as a cellphone tower), or the act of giving a piece of orgonite to another person who may benefit from orgonite’s positive effect. Because of the constructing of digital cellular communications towers across the populated areas of the world in the last several years, it has produced a thick layer of DOR/negative energy which bombards our homes and communities and contributes to negativity, fear, and as being studied and research right now, its harmful effects on our bodies. It is, however,  been widely experienced that these negative effects can be disabled and can be “transformed” simply by tossing or burying small muffin-sized chunks of orgonite called TowerBusters (TB’s) near cellphone towers in their area.  This  increasingly-popular activity which has become known as “gifting”. Gifting is conducted all throughout the world now by thousands of  individuals and on-line organized groups.

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